Sharing Our Work in Y6

KNEX Challenge

Well done to Eliza and Harry who were the winners of the KNEX challenge.  They used their design and problem soling skills of create a vehicle that would lift an object and move it to a new position.

Here they are being resented with their winners certificates and medals.

Tree Planting at Fairlands Show Ground

Sycamore class enjoyed a somewhat rainy afternoon planting new trees at the Show Ground next door to school.  The trees will form part of a new woodland area, which can be enjoyed by all.

The children helped Stevenage Environmental Team by planting more than 100 small trees.  The trees are British natives including Cherry, Birch and Beech. 


Come Dine with Me

 In Design Technology (DT) Sycamore class have been designing not just one plate of food but three courses.  Working together in groups of six, the children researched and designed a starter, main and pudding.  They had key ingredients to use: tomatoes and cheese for the starter, chicken for the main and chocolate and bananas for the pudding.

Each course needed to be planned, ingredients purchased, prepared and served.

Mrs Collins and Mrs Biucchi had the delightful job of tasting each dish. It really was a feast of delights and such a variety of flavours and cooking techniques used.  


Brain Buddies - Autumn 22

This term Sycamore class have taken part in an eight week Brain Buddies programme provided by the Mental Heath Support Team (MHST).  The children have learnt a variety of strategies to assist themselves in the identification and regulation of emotions.  

"I really enjoyed the sessions with Ruth, I have used the chair push-ups at home when I need to self-regulate"

Body Scanning - this technique allows the children to focus on how the whole body feels, they use colours linked to the Zones of Regulation to help identify  the feeling.

PE at Barnwell Upper school - June 2022

It has been a busy week so far this half term, but the children have come back with smiles and enthusiasm.
A great morning at Barnwell Upper school, taking part in a year 7 Physical Education lesson.  The children demonstrated the ability to work towards clear learning objectives and goals.  They discussed strategies in order to develop their actions and thought about the strengths of all their team members.
The behaviour was excellent and the Lead PE teacher of Barnwell was impressed by the way the children could communicate their learning.


Some highlights from well-being week - 7th - 11th February

We were lucky to welcome Luke Rigg JP into Sycamore class to speak about the role of a magistrate. The children came up with amazing ideas such as: they support people in the area, they want the world to be at peace and they are a leader in the community.  
Luke not only spoke about his role but also about being 'criminally responsible'. This prompted many questions linked to what happens to people who commit a crime.

Luke was very impressed with how we link our Christian and British Values to our learning and the level of questioning from the children.


Zoe, from the mental heath advisory service took us all through various techniques we could use if we are feeling stressed, anxious or frustrated.  The idea is to give yourself a distraction to focus your thoughts in the present.  

Everyone looked great in their pyjamas today.  The children commented how relaxed they felt, not too relaxed to learn though!  

This week we have shared and discussed our positive thought of the day, these include:
  • Always believe in yourself.
  • Never, Never, Never give up.
  • Don't be afraid to be great.
  • The best way to get something started is to begin.
  • Be the reason someone smiles today.
The children also had a daily dance, which is a great way to wake ourselves up for learning.


Bollywood comes to St Nicholas for Wellbeing week - 9th February 2022

Smiles all round as Sycamore class took part in a Bollywood workshop today.  Everyone, including adults, had a great time learning a real Bollywood routine taken from a film.  
See if you can spot the 'Lotus' hands' a shape that communicates within the dance, like sign language.
A definite feel-good activity as part of well-being week.


Church Visit

It was a very wet walk to church however the children kept on smiling and were fantastic ambassadors of the school. Head Boy and Girl, Sahil and Zanetta read from the letter of St Paul to the Philippians.  Both Henrietta and Yezan read prayers.  After the service, the children were treated to a drink and a biscuit along with the wonderful opportunity to talk to the congregation.  

It was so lovely to be in amongst the community after so long away.