Collective Worship

As a Church of England school, our worship is an integral part of school life.  We believe that by coming together we allow ourselves the opportunity to flourish as part of the school and wider community.

Our Collective Worship takes various forms, which are linked to our school values.  We have six values each year, rotating across two years.

Year A: generosity, perseverance, trust, respect, friendship and courage.

Year B: Compassion, Thankfulness, Forgiveness, Truthfulness, Service and friendship.

Worships are interactive and link to the experiences of our children.  By using bible readings, songs and hymns we explore the way faith is celebrated by Christians and other world faiths.  We believe we had a duty to share all aspects of faith which are represented in our community.

Worship follows a set pattern allowing children and staff the regular opportunity to have times of reflection and prayer.  We aim to develop a sense of spirituality no matter the belief of the individual.

Our worship during normal times, follow a set pattern:

  • Monday: A Values Lead Collective Worship
  • Tuesday: In class worship
  • Wednesday: Singing worship
  • Thursday: Clergy led worship by St Andrews and St Georges church or a visitor.
  • Friday: Celebration Worship, where certificates are given out to the children sharing both in school and outside school achievements.

At the end of each half term we also give out value champion certificates to those children who have been nominated to have demonstrated the terms value.

Harvest Festival